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To My Dearest Grandchild, Baby Sam:

As your Mamma & Papa, we were so glad to here the news of your arrival. Your mommy came over with a Dairy Queen cake with the words, "GRANDPARENTS AGAIN."  We were planning a big day in December to hear your heart beat, see your ultrasound and find out whether you were a boy or girl?
Your Mamma and I are missionaries, and we left for a trip to Africa. When we came home we heard the sad news that we had lost you.  Our hearts are truly broken.  We know that in the eternal future we will have lot's of fun chasing you around in heaven.
I do not know why your life was so short.  I feel as though your parents and us were robbed of the joy of having you here with us on earth.  I know that through the process of time it may seem more clear.  I wrote you a poem about purpose and hope. I simply call it, "LITTLE BABY SAM."
                                                     "LITTLE BABY SAM"
My Little Baby Sam, so very small, brought summer joy but pain this fall.
We never met you, but loved you still, our hearts with hope you would so fill.
Too short you lived here, just 15 weeks, I just so wish I could have kissed your cheeks.
But we'll never forget you, of that you can be sure, your little spirit so real and so pure.
Your life had purpose, as short as it was, God is even now using you, as that's what He does.
Your Mommy &  Daddy have drawn strength from each other,
Are closer than ever with Grandpa & Grandmother.
The future is complex and yet so simple, your life was like a pebble in water causing a ripple.
Who knows how many you will inspire, to rekindle in others salvations fire.
It seems as though it has already started, your story is reaching the wayward and departed.
I often picture heaven, the place where you are, the great hero's of faith living among the stars.
To think you are now living next to the Apostle Paul, or Moses the giant who must stand so tall.
To think you are in the hands of Jesus, the Savor, the King, It all must be such a glorious thing.
When I get to heaven I'll tell Elijah, YOU THE MAN,
But the first person I want to hug in my Little Baby Sam.
Sam, there is a Movie called Simon Birch.  It is a great movie about a little boy who God used in a very short life.  There is a line in that movie that makes me think of you.  Jim Carrey is the Narrator and says,
"When someone you love dies, you don't lose them all at once. You lose them in pieces, over time."
I know that Mommy and Daddy will eventually have another baby to play with your big brother Jude.  That baby, just like Jude will be your brother or sister.  But I want you to know, there will never be another Baby Sam.  I will always be your Papa and my heart will always ache a little untll I can hold you in my arms.
Papa Heber

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