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Our Commitment to Integrity 


1.  We are committed to Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Savior of the world, and head of
      the Church. Therefore, all is measured by His standards.
2.  We are committed to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired, eternal Word of God, and final
     authority in all matters of faith and behavior.  Therefore, our opinions are subject to His
3.  We are committed to the Church as the Body of Christ in local and universal expression. 
     Therefore, we encourage unity and cooperation among all believers.
4.  We are committed to the great commission of Jesus Christ, discipling the nations, and
     teaching His commands.  Therefore we have no goals or agenda's but His.
5.  We are committed to personal and corporate holiness, submitting to Jesus Christ in all
     matters of thought, speech, and behavior.  Therefore, there is no excuse for conduct
     which is less than Christ-like.
6.  We are committed to good stewardship, the responsible management of resources
     God grants for ministry.  Therefore, there is no excuse for waste or misuse.
7.  We are committed to financial integrity, maintaining truthfulness, and accountability in
     all material concerns.  Therefore, we observe standards of trusting God for resources,
     and never pressuring people for support;  always using funds as promised, and never
     violating the trust of our contributors; providing financial information to our contributors
     upon request, and never misleading our supporters regarding our financial status.


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